Kuzhambhu variety

Vathaal kuzhambhu

Dried vegetables gravy in Tamarind pulp.

Poricha kuzhambhu

Drumstick gravy using coconut paste.

Moore kuzhambhu

Buttermilk gravy.

Paruppu urundai kuzhambhu

Lentil dumbling gravy.

Paruppu kuzhambhu

Lentil Tamarind gravy.

Tiffin varieties & Sweets


Raw rice, idli rice , fenugreek white lentils soaked and ground to a fine batter. Do dosa a saucepan shaped vessel.

Kaara Kuzhipaniyaram

Raw Rice with black lentil batter done using a specialized mould.

Sweet Kuzhipaniyaram

Same batter with jaggery syrup chopped coconut.

Kaara adai

All lentils soaked and ground to a coarsely batter and do as dosa.


Done with raw rice, jaggery, channa dal, malachi powder, chopped coconut. Very traditional dish done on the occasion in the of Margazhi as symbol of completing virad by Lordess Andal.

Sea food

Crab pepper fry

Crab roasted with exotic South indian spice with high power of peppercorns.

Shark Puttu

Shark boiled and sauteed with onion, ginger garlic green chilies.

Fish podimas

Exotic fried sea fish with lots of onions, garlic ginger and green chilies.

Squid thokku

Cubed squid in tomato thokku.

Kerala fish curry

Fish gravy with highlight taste of coconut paste and oil.

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South Indian

Idli, Vada, Dosa, Uttapam

North Indian

Aloo Gobi, Aalo Paratha, Rajma Masala Curry


Chicken And Cheese Salad, Chicken Steak


Chicken Shawarma, Greek Chicken Gyros


Pizza, Pastry sheets, Stuffed buns, Pav buns


Basic & Intermediate

Baking Basic

Baking Intermediate